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To Achieve a Bullying-Free America

Certification Under Standard

For Schools and Educational Centers of All Levels.

Anti-Bullying Certification + Specialized Software

AB Protocol was designed to contain and reduce bullying in educational centers and institutions of all levels.

The certification under the BULL-LI-2015/A standard, offered by Anti-Bullying Protocol, also includes specialized software for managing bullying and cyberbullying cases, issuance of a certificate for the institution and brigade members.

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A certification is a credential that confirms an organization has implemented and maintains specific international standards to address or manage an issue. o realizar una actividad. 

The certification or Anti-Bullying Protocol under BULL-LI-2015/A is a credential confirming that an organization has implemented and maintains specific standards for preventing and managing bullying. This certification, awarded by Lloyd International, a recognized entity in the sector, includes ongoing assessments and regular audits of certified institutions. This ensures they meet established criteria for the safety and well-being of their members, enhancing their credibility and reputation in effectively managing bullying.

An international standard is a set of globally recognized guidelines and requirements that ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products and services. These standards help organizations improve their processes.

The certification cost varies depending on the specific needs of each school. Various factors affect the price, such as the number of students, teachers, classrooms, etc. We recommend contacting us for a personalized quote.

A certification goes beyond a diploma. A formal certification should:

– Establish documented processes and procedures.
– Conduct and pass regular assessments.
– Provide training and skills to meet a quality standard.
– Have a focus on effectiveness and continuous improvement.
– Have a measurable impact on the issue.

To achieve a real and effective impact in the fight against bullying, a comprehensive system of implementation and auditing is required. Not every school can be certified, only those that qualify.

In addition to the certification process, the school receives access to and training on specialized anti-bullying software. It is a unique software developed by Anti-Bullying Protocol.

Upon obtaining certification, you also gain the right to announce on your communications (website, social media, etc.) that your school is certified. Additionally, you can request additional promotional materials and an outdoor metal plaque to display on your premises (additional cost).

What are the benefits I receive as a school?

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+ 0 %

Increased Enrollment

For a positive public image.

- 0 %


in School Absenteeism

+ 0 %


in School Safety Perception and Public Image

0 %

Fewer Complaints

from Parents Regarding Bullying Issues and Bullying Rumors.

*Source: Data compiled by SAFEPAB from focus groups with parents and school administrators in certified schools

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AB Protocol & Lloyd

In collaboration with Lloyd International, a world-class certification body, we offer educational institutions certification under the BULL-LI-2015/A standard.

This standard empowers schools and institutions to implement the anti-bullying protocol and utilize its innovative software, establishing a professional management system for tackling school bullying.

This management system incorporates key elements from ISO management systems, including quality management systems (ISO 9001) and occupational health and safety management systems (ISO 45001).

Let's Stop Bullying Together

Certification Plans

BULL-LI-2015/A Certification under Lloyd International, specialized software for managing bullying and cyberbullying cases, plus issuance of a certificate for the institution and its members


Monthly Payment 24 months
  • Automatic Charge to Debit Card / Credit Card
  • Monthly


Deferred Payment 10% oFF
  • Get a discount
  • Charge to Credit Card in Installments up to 12 Months


One-time Payment 30% OFF
  • The Best Deal
  • Payment by Bank Transfer

Join us in the fight against bullying!

Get BULL-LI-2015/A certification and demonstrate your commitment to student safety and your determination to create a positive and welcoming school environment.

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