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Is Your School Safe from Bullying?


Certify your institution today and show parents that your school is a safe and prepared space to tackle bullying and cyberbullying.

Do You Know What a Certification Is?

A Certification is NOT limited to taking a course and obtaining a diploma.

The Anti-Bullying Protocol is a professional management system designed for schools, developed under the international quality standard BULL-LI 2015/A. It was created by a team of experts, including psychologists, lawyers, sociologists, and teachers.

The protocol aims to prepare and train educational institutions to tackle bullying with a well-established protocol that provides solutions and follow-ups to bullying cases. It involves continuous monitoring to ensure that certified schools meet the established standards.

What Does the Certification Include?

Certification + Management Software


Appropriate Training for Teachers to Prevent and Stop Bullying.


Ongoing Evaluation of Certified Teams.

Ongoing Evaluation of Certified Teams.

Tracking through the software developed by Anti-Bullying Protocol in identified bullying cases until a resolution is reached.


Prevention of new cases and potential consequences from bullying and being bullied.

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